— A machine learning-based framework for digital biomarkers discovery, analysis and development

Focus: PHC

Develop machine learning-based framework for digital biomarkers discovery: A generic platform for digital biomarkers development and analysis using patient surveys and wearables data

Apply until December 6, 2021 / Xplorers Camp on December 9, 2021 

Question to be solved

How could we build a generic framework which could be utilised in digital biomarkers discovery, analysis and prognostic modelling. How to best exploit digital biomarkers and electronic patient reported outcomes/ patient questionnaire data for disease prediction.

General Background

Digital health is being rapidly adopted all over the world due to rise in healthcare costs, deteriorating health outcomes, and the growing prevalence and accessibility of mobile health (mHealth) and wearable technology. Data from Biometric Monitoring Technologies (BioMeTs), including mHealth and wearables, can be transformed into digital biomarkers that act as indicators of health outcomes and can be used to diagnose and monitor a number of chronic diseases and conditions. At Roche we are at the forefront of deploying Digital Health strategies to enable utilisation of digital biomarkers and patient surveys data for building preventative care solutions in the area of epidemiology, endometriosis and infectious diseases etc. We collect structured data as part of running clinical trials in various clinical case studies. The data consists of physiological signals, vital signs information along with Epros (electronic patient reported outcomes). These data are collected through wearable devices (Fitbit, Garmin, Empatica_E4 etc.) and other mHealth platforms. The collated data is then used to answer specific clinical questions around symptom onset and prediction of various clinical conditions. We are interested in building a generic machine learning driven platform for digital biomarkers discovery and analysis to build disease-specific prognostic models.

Data Types & Technologies

  • Physiological signals data (Heart Rate, Sleep, Differential Heart Rate, Accelerometer data, flu biomarkers)
  • mHealth data ( Epros, patient surveys data, pain reports)
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Machine Learning
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Feature engineering
  • Model explainability tools
  • Data preprocessing and creating preprocessing pipelines

Needed Skills

  • Self starter with R&D mindset, solving complex machine learning problems
  • Experienced programmer in R or Python
  • Experience in building machine learning driven platforms
  • Experience in time series data analysis and advanced machine learning methods
  • Completed a degree in Data Science/ quantitative field


Dr. Kamran Farooq
Senior Data Scientist @ Data Insights Squad, GIS
LinkedIn Profile

Form of Cooperation

Preferred scale: 6- 12 month full time (remote option is also possible) internship

Possible format: Internship, 6-12 months part time is also possible

How to present your idea


Please formulate your ideas on how to tackle this challenge (how to utilise digital biomarkers and EPROs) mhealth data streams. Present a short and concise slide deck (3-6 slides) to elaborate on your proposed solution. Ensure that the proposed solution is driven by state of the art/literature review. One page document with figures to illustrate your concept.
We don’t expect a ready made solution but rather are interested in your methodology design and your approach towards solving the problem. We are looking forward to seeing your ideas and discussing your findings.

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Any problems with the submit button?
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