— Development of a digital companion for breast cancer patients

Quest Lover

Cancer patients often do not know what to do when they get their initial diagnosis and are often overwhelmed with the situation. We are curious to learn from your ideas how to enable patients to navigate through the jungle of information, challenges and hurdles, so that they can be in the driver’s seat of their patient journey inside the healthcare system.

Apply until Nov 30, 2020 / Xplorers Camp on Dec 10, 2020 

Question to be solved

How can we improve the lives of (breast) cancer patients if we provide them with the right valuable information for their disease (patient decision support)? Which reliable sources of information do we need to provide the necessary content? Is this information provided in a patient-friendly language? What is the structure of the given information and how could it be made available in a digital application? Can we use already existing information like guidelines?

General Background

A (breast) cancer diagnosis often comes with a range of feelings including fear, sadness and anxiety but also with an overwhelming amount of information for patients to sift through and remember. However, it is crucially important for patients with (breast) cancer to have a good understanding of their disease, diagnostic & treatment options, and prognosis, to be able to ask the right questions to better communicate with their HCP. Additionally, doctors also face a number of challenges when trying to make the most informed decisions: increasing volumes of disparate data, complexity, siloed systems, lack of connectivity, no easy way to identify relevant data.


This means that cancer patients might die, because of lack of information in the system in case of possible diagnostics and therapy options.


A digital companion (easy and simple) should help every patient (and oncologists) to navigate through the jungle of information in the field of diagnosis and therapy options. We want to make the patient the driver/shaper on her/his way through the system. With their digital partner, patients should be able to ask their physicians the right questions at the right time in order to gain faster and possibly even better access to diagnostic and therapeutic options that are important to them.

Data Types & Technologies

  • Electronic Health Records (radiology pictures, lab reports, …)
  • Guidelines (p.e. S3 guideline breast cancer)

Needed Skills

  • Creativity
  • Design thinking
  • Data-Extraction
  • App-Development and/or App-Assessment
  • Oncology basics is a plus


Dr. Lars Hummerich
Head of Oncology Innovation

Form of Cooperation

Preferred scale: 6-12 months full-time (flexible models are also possible)

Possible formats: from working student to internship to bachelor or master thesis

How to present your Idea

Show us how you would approach the problem. You can prepare your idea proposal in 3-5 slides, any other idea/format to share your proposal with us is also welcome. We do not expect a bullet-proof solution to the problem. Be aware you only have 10 minutes to sell your idea.

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Any problems with the submit button?
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