Great idea?

Great idea?

— Greenfield Challenge

You have an idea to solve crucial healthcare questions through data know-how? You are looking for Roche as an industry partner to put your idea into practice? Then share it with us and we will come back to you if and how we can collaborate on your idea.

Overall questions to be solved

What is the scientific question behind your idea? Which opportunities does your idea offer to help shape the future of patient care? How can we leverage the potential of data together?

How to submit your idea?

Please outline your overall idea and the most important details in a nutshell (3-5 PPT slides). For the details, please use the following questions as a guideline: Which data types and technologies do play a crucial part in solving the problem? How can the approach improve or even change the way we work with data?

Your Benefit

You get the chance to drive your idea further together with Roche, to gain valuable healthcare industry insights and to leverage industry data. We will discuss with you which form of cooperation might work best – from a working student contract, a master thesis to a dissertation, basically everything is possible.

Next steps

Once we have received your submission, we will share it with our mentors and experts from different business areas for evaluation. We will get back to you within three weeks to confirm if you are invited to discuss your idea with us.

By sending this to us via the submit button you agree to the following:


  • you confirm that you are the author of the submission and entitled to dispose of rights of use and exploitation of the contents of your submission, and that you have not yet granted any rights of use and exploitation to third parties that would be infringed by your submission;
  • you grant to Roche Diagnostics GmbH the unrestricted, sublicensable and exclusive right  to use and exploit your submission by all means known today or in the future. This includes without limitation the rights to reproduce, distribute, and exhibit your submission, as well as the right to communicate your submission to the public. You also grant to Roche Diagnostics GmbH the right to edit the submission, to translate it, and to create abbreviations and summaries (abstracts); the aforesaid rights to use and exploit also apply to such edited versions, translations, abbreviations and summaries. 
  • Roche Diagnostics GmbH will designate you as the author of the submission, and will recognize and respect your moral rights in the submission.
  • The relationship you enter into by sending this via the submit button is governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, and the courts of Germany have international jurisdiction for any disputes arising under or in connection with this relationship..


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Any problems with the submit button?
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